About“It always seems impossible until it is done.” - Nelson Mandela

Brooke Wenig is the Director of the Global Machine Learning Practice at Databricks and joined the company in 2016. She leads a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers who advise and develop large-scale, production-grade machine learning pipelines for customers. She is a co-author of Learning Spark, 2nd Edition and co-host of the Data Brew podcast. She received an M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA with a focus on distributed machine learning. She speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and enjoys cycling.


2020-Present: Co-host of Data Brew podcast

Data + AI Summit 2023: Day 2 Keynote Host & Emcee

Open Source in Finance Forum 2023 (NYC): Future of AI

Canadian Tire DNA Conference 2023 (Toronto): Future of AI is Open

BFM 2023 (Malaysia): Future of ML

GovTech 2023 (Singapore): Democratizing Data & AI

Data + AI World Tour 2023 (Thailand): Generative AI Keynote Panel

Data + AI World Tour 2023 (Thailand): Lakehouse AI: LLMs, LLMOps, and More

Data + AI World Tour 2022 (Sydney): Machine Learning on the Lakehouse Keynote

Canadian Tire DNA Conference 2022 (Toronto): Demystifying AI

Data + AI Summit 2021: Pandas API on Spark Keynote Demo

Data + AI Summit 2021: YOLO with Data-Driven Software (with Tim Hunter)

Data + AI Summit 2020: SQL Analytics Keynote Demo

Spark + AI Spark Summit 2020: Spark 3.0 Keynote Demo

Toronto Machine Learning Summit 2020: Managing Machine Learning Experiments with MLflow

Big Things Data + AI Conference 2020: Managing Chaos: Reproducible Machine Learning

Spark + AI Summit 2019 Europe: Koalas (Pandas on Spark) Keynote Demo

Spark + AI Summit 2019 SF: Koalas (Pandas on Spark) Keynote Demo


Fatal Force: Exploring Police Shootings With SQL Analytics (with Chengyin Eng)

How We Launched a Podcast: Lessons, (Minor) Mishaps & Key Takeaways (with Denny Lee)